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We cook and entertain at your place 
Any gathering, any size! Pick a place, let us bring in the food and fun!

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Our Service

Hibachi Party - We Come To You!

Fun, Food, & Entertainment 

*This site serves Austin, Phoenix, Atlanta and Florida

$60.00 per adult 
$30.00 per child

*not including tip

All orders include fried rice, fresh vegetables, and a side of fresh salad as well as our signature sauces.

*Minimum 10 adults or $600.00 

 *(See FAQ on how to set up a simple table setting)

Pick 2 proteins per person

*Child is limited to two selections:

Chicken, NY Strip Steak, and Shrimp

  • Chicken     

  • NY Strip Steak     

  • Shrimp     

  • Scallops     

  • Salmon 

  • Filet Mignon (+$5.00)

  • Lobster Tail (+$10.00)


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Let's Hibachi Logo.png
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